25 useful kitchen gadgets for the year 2019

Do you feel frustrated when you chop chop chop little cloves of garlic on the chopping board to have them in tiny little pieces to sauté? Do you struggle to squeeze out the last drop of juice of a lemon Or are you just a busy mom trying to save some precious kitchen time ? 

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To all the kitchen queens, don’t you think it would be awesome if you have a hold of little gadgets in your hand to make your cooking easier. Here, we bring you 25 innovative kitchen products of the year 2019 that will save your sanity and time in the kitchen. Everything on this list is a definite must have to make your kitchen times fun. These useful kitchen gadgets are a total life saver for all the endless kitchen chores. It’s astonishing to know that the most versatile kitchen tools are little gadgets that can be handheld. 

1. Garlic Peeler – No more smelly hands with this incredibly useful garlic peeler. Just toss in a few garlic cloves. Using your hands, apply a moderate pressure and rotate the silicone device on a flat surface. The skin will leave the garlic in no time. This little tool is an absolute must if you use garlic in a lot of your recipes.

2. Herb Stripper – Why waste time plucking out the leaves of your herbs when you can own this super versatile tool. Insert the stems of the herb in any of the given holes and pull them through. This device quickly and easily strips out the leaves of the herbs reducing your cooking time to a large extent. Herb lovers, this might be a life changing tool!

Joie Leaf Herb Stripper, Stainless Steel and BPA-Free Plastic, 4-Inches x 1.5-Inches x .25-Inches

3. Herb scissors – If you do not need the entire leaves for your cooking, just some chopped herbs to garnish your dish, then this might be the tool that you need. This quickly cuts herbs into thin strips. Also called the herb shears, these scissors make cutting effortless.

4. Pineapple corer and slicer – If you are fond of fresh pineapples, then this is a must have tool in your kitchen. This cores and slices a whole pineapple quickly, safely and easily. What’s more, it leaves no mess behind. All you have are beautiful yellow rings  with its center cored so that you can enjoy delicious pineapples without any strain.

5. Banana Slicer – Cut those bananas into bite sized pieces in a fraction of a second with this super cool banana slicer. Kids would love to use them to slice their bananas. All you have to do is press the slicer onto the banana and you are left with equal sized slices. It’s safe, fun and easy!

Banana Slicer-perfect for fruit salads Generic Handle Plastic Banana Fruit Slicer Cutter Chopper

6. Melon slicer – This melon slicer slices your watermelons, cantaloupes etc easily into equal slices making it easier to serve fruits at a summer party. Now you can have fun slicing your fruits into presentable easy to pick pieces.

7. Jar Key – Fret no more while opening the lids of your newly bought jars of jams. This super helpful tool is a revolutionary innovation. There is absolutely no twisting or straining involved. All you have to do is just lift, pop and unscrew the lid. Easy and peasy!

8. The Snug Utensil clips – Do you struggle with keeping spoons in the pot while cooking? The wooden ones may burn, the plastic ones may melt and the metal ones may turn extremely hot for you to touch again. These useful and elegant pot slips will hold your spoons and spatulas without any hassle and hence will save your spoons from damage. Simply attach them to the side of the utensil and clip your spoon into them.

9. Corn zipper – Enjoy fresh corn anytime with these easy to use corn stripper. You can now zip kernels cleanly and effortlessly off the cob and use them for your dishes in no time. These are very much safer than knives.

10. Draining Sieve – This incredibly useful tool will help you drain your rice and noodles easily without the risk of spilling. Just attach them to the pot and pan and tilt on that side to drain the water leaving all your noodles behind in the pot. It’s stylish, practical and will make your work easier.

11. Garlic Chopper – You can now mince garlic faster than ever with this amazing tool. This little gadget will keep your hands and boards safe from the pungent garlic smell as well.

Chef'n GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper (X-Large)

12. Vegetable Chopper – This is a must have tool in your kitchen if you frequently use vegetables in your dish. It can also be used for fruits, meat, nuts and herbs as well. Now you can save a large amount of time and effort required in chopping food with this useful gadget.

13. Slip on bowl spout – Now do not be afraid while pouring contents out of a bowl. This little tool will save your day from unnecessary spills. Simply attach this onto the edge of the pan or bowls for easy pouring. Made up of silicone, this can handle hot liquids as well.

14. Citrus Squeezer – Squeezing the juice of a lime couldn’t be more fun. No more pressing between your fingers and no more seeds in the juice. Place half a lime in its holder and press the handle gently. Enjoy freshly squeezed juice without any hassle.

15.  Citrus sprays – Season your salads and soups with a fresh mist of citrus. All thanks to this amazing citrus spray. Simply screw the pointed end into the lemon and squeeze it to fill the sprayer and press on top for the spray of lime.  

16. Never soggy cereal bowl – Do you dislike your cereals when they get soggy? Now with this perfectly designed bowl, you will begin to enjoy your cereals like never before. Gently take in as much cereal you need from the side partitioned cup at a time and have them. Again continue by taking little amounts of cereals till you finish your cereal. Wouldn’t it be cool to own this super bowl?  

Obol - The Original Never Soggy Cereal Bowl/With The Spiral Slide Design 'n Grip - Med Red

17. Onion holder – This tiny device resembling a comb will let you slice your onions in the best way possible. This little tool is a must have if you use quite a lot of onions in your cooking. Hold the onion by placing the steel teeth onto it and slice them with a knife going in through the spaces. Neat, clean slices.  

18. Baggy holder – If you are a fan of meal prep where you make and store foods in ziplock bags, then you must own this amazing tool. Avoid the mess while pouring, accidental falls etc by clipping your bags. Now you can easily fill your ziplocks minus the spills.  

Baggy Rack - (3 Pack - 3 New Colors) Sandwich Bag Racks - Ideal Plastic Kitchen Gadget, Hands Free Clip Food Storage Bag on Holder for Easy Transfer of Any Kind of Food, Must Have Kitchen Utensil

19. Egg separator – Just imagine the amount of time you can save while separating whites and yellows of an egg with this cool device. With the blink of an eye, you will have them separated.

20. Wand oil dispenser – This silicone oil brush add the perfect amount of oil onto your pan. It releases oil only when squeezed so you do not need to worry about accidental spills. Limit the amount of oil you use with this oil dispenser.  

21. Adjustable rolling pin – Did you ever dream of coming across something that would give you equal thickness while rolling your dough? Presenting to you – the adjustable rolling pin! Now preparing your biscuits, pizza and pastry is an easy task, thanks to this innovation. This will give you even thickness throughout and to the exact size.  Every ardent baker should own this.  

22. Masher – Mash your veggies, be it potatoes, beans or peas with this stainless steel masher. The veggies are evenly mashed and will result in lighter texture and fluffier than any other means of mashing.  

23. Bag resealer – How many times have you opened a bag of chips and after a few days realized that the chips have gone stale? This compact and electronic bag resealer will lock in the freshness of your snacks with an air tight seal.  

24. Egg cracker – This amazingly simple and useful device will crack your eggshells with the touch of a button without any mess or egg shells in your food. Yes, you got it right! Now no more digging into your food to remove egg shells that have accidentally fallen into it. Hard boiled can also be quickly cracked with this device. Moreover, there is also an additional attachment for egg separator.  

25. Strawberry corer – To all you strawberry lovers, now enjoy your strawberries free from its core with this super simple and innovative tool. A safe and better alternative to coring with a knife.

Did you like this list of cool kitchen gadgets that could make you a proud cook in your kitchen? What are the other amazing kitchen tools that you own or would love to own? Do let me know in the comments below. 

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