Flip flop makeover with crochet

It is always an amazing feeling to wear personalized accessories whether it be jewelry, clothes or shoes. Adding a customized touch to an accessory makes you love it even more and even care for it more. Moreover the customization need not be huge, just a little can go a long way to create elegant pieces of wearable stuffs. I have been longing to customize flip flops as I find the regular ones rather boring. Either they are plain or not very attractive. Since flip flops are worn by me on quite a regular basis, I decided to diy my own flip flops. Trust me, this slippers decoration method is quite easy even for a beginner crocheter. 

I designed these flip flops by crocheting a stitch around the line strap and placing a bow appliqué at the center. These look cute and goes very well with the slippers. There are many ways to decorate flip flops with yarn but I found this to be super easy. It looks pretty and also makes it look personalized. 

So if you are in the process of making your own custom diy flip flops, then I suggest you try this out.

Things needed : 

A pair of flip flops

Yarn in two colors – Pink and grey. Pink for the bow and grey along the line straps. ( You can use a combination of any two colors of your choice)

Crochet hook ( size 4)

Glue gun

P.S : If you are wondering about my crochet hook, then let me tell you that it’s a double sided crochet hook. It’s highly versatile as I can use both sides of the hook for two different projects. Saves me when I carry my projects on the go.


Start by tying a knot at the extreme ends of the line strap. Do a regular single crochet as you proceed. 

Continue till the top and over to the other side. Tie a knot and weave in ends.

To make the bow :

Stitch to know : treble crochet

Ch 5.

4 tc into the first ch. Ch 4, sl st in the same st. 

Ch 4, 4 tc into the same st, ch 4, sl st in the same st. 

Cut yarn, but leave a long tail to wrap around the center of the bow. Wrap the yarn around 7 times. Stick the end at the back with a hot glue gun

Attach the bow onto the flip flop with a drop of hot glue gun.

There you go! Wasn’t that easy?! Enjoy customizing your own diy flip flops with this tutorial.


Do you know any unique flip flop design ideas. Do let me know in the comments below.

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