Silk Thread Bangles

Weddings are the perfect occasions to flaunt your traditional attires along with the impeccable ornaments that enhance the look of those gorgeous dresses. Just when a wedding is round the corner, out comes the bags of delicately woven fabrics in search of their matching counterparts and not to forget the matching jewelry. These are very common scenarios, months before Indian weddings. My whole point here is that, I have to attend my cousins wedding very soon and I can’t stop myself from being the classic freak when it comes to shopping.


I have been in love with the silk thread bangles that has flooded the Indian jewelry market. They look beautiful on the Indian attire. And the best part is that they are easy to make. Yes, you can diy your own silk thread bangles for your upcoming wedding occasion or any other occasion for that matter. They are simple, eye pleasing and looks so gorgeous that you won’t bother looking for them at the store.

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Things you need:


1 pair of plastic bangles
Silk thread of your desired color
Gold kundan stones
Fevicol glue


Wrap your thread over a magazine or a piece of cardboard so that you get many strands of them together. I wrapped them around 40 times.


Glue them at a small portion so that the thread stays together, making it easy to find the end.


Cut the thread just above the glued part.


Now your ready to go. Wrap the thread around the bangle applying a dab of glue as you proceed. Make sure to hold the thread tightly so that they do not loosen.


Glue the ends on the bangle.

Decorate with the kundan stones in any pattern that you desire.




I made them in all the lovely colors that I needed for my dresses. Aren’t they pretty.?!



11 thoughts on “Silk Thread Bangles

  1. I love these bangles!! They are so colorful and fun. I will be featuring them on my site Grandma Ideas at our Party in Your PJs link party #202. Thanks so much for participating in our link party.


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