Crochet Watermelon Tissue Box Cover

The summer heat calls for some refreshing fruits. One such amazing fruit is the watermelon. It is a filling for hunger as well as thirst. To beat this summer heat, I could sit in front of the AC and eat watermelon all day. No doubt it’s my favorite fruit for this season. To match up to this, I decided that this summer needs some refreshing crafts as well. That’s when this watermelon tissue box cover came into place. It is an instant mood brightener with its bright and beautiful colors. I love the way it turned out. Specially the seeds, that way it looks like a true watermelon. Except that you cannot eat it πŸ˜‰


Things needed:
1 ball of red worsted weight yarn
1 ball of white worsted weight yarn
1 ball of green worsted weight yarn
Black felt ( for the seeds)
5 mm crochet hook

A tissue box ( for the size)


Stitches to know:

Hdc – Half Double Crochet


Ch 20. Join with a sl st to the first ch.

Ch 2. 40 Hdc in the center. Join with a sl st to ch2.


Now we will make the corners.

Ch 2. (1 Hdc – ch 1 – 2 hdc ) in the same stitch. 19 hdc. ( 2hdc – ch1 – 2 hdc) ( 2 hdc – ch 1 – 2 hdc) 19 hdc ( 2 hdc – ch1 – 2 hdc ) Join with a slip st to ch 2.

Now we will proceed to making one side first.

* Ch 2. Hdc in each stitch. * Repeat * till the desired length.


Join your thread to the other end and repeat * .


Now we will crochet the sides to the bottom.
Join your thread to any of the side. Ch 2. Hdc in each of the stitch till you complete the round. Join with a slip stitch.


Continue with red yarn for another 11 rows ( depending on the size of your tissue box).


Join white yarn continue the same stitch for another 4 rows. Similarly Repeat with green yarn.

Now for the watermelon seeds. Take a small piece of felt and cut several seed shapes from it. Stick it with hot glue on the red sides and top of the yarn.



Doesn’t it look lovely?!

16 thoughts on “Crochet Watermelon Tissue Box Cover

  1. You cover is so cute!!! I would like to thank you for participating in the Something Old is Something New Again, and your post is one of our features this week!
    Hope you will stop by and share another old post today.

    Have a great weekend!


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