Day 88 : How to make homemade ghee ( clarified butter)

Ghee is an essential component of Indian houses as they are used almost everyday. It is basically an Indian version of butter also called clarified butter. It is often enjoyed on steaming hot rice and on chapatis. I had no idea that you could make ghee at home and on top of that it’s too easy. I got to know about the making of homemade ghee after seeing it being made at my in laws place. The aroma of this desi ghee is simply amazing.

So today let’s see how this super luxurious clarified butter is made.


The first step in making ghee is to collect the milk cream in a container. Milk cream often called malai is the thick layer of cream that forms over milk when it has been boiled and allowed to cool. At my place, the milk is usually boiled and left on a low flame for about five minutes. This is usually done at night. So by morning, there is a thick layer of cream on top of the milk. This is then removed carefully and stored in another container. Always store the milk cream in the refrigerator as it may spoil at room temperature.

This process has to be carried out continuously for a few days to accumulate sufficient amount of cream to make ghee. I usually wait till my existing collection of ghee has come to an end and so by that time I would have quite an amount of cream being accumulated resulting in more amount of ghee.

The milk cream collected over the course of few days will cause the water to separate from the cream. The water goes to the bottom whereas the cream will be at the top.


Take the cream in a blender and blend continuously taking a few seconds pause in between. After some time you will see that the butter has been formed and is separated from the milky water typically called whey.


Transfer the butter into a deep bottomed vessel. Add two glasses water and wash the butter. Discard the water. Repeat for 2-3 times till the water is somewhat clear.

Now keep the vessel on medium heat. The butter starts melting.


I usually add fresh bay leaves. It adds to the fragrance and flavour. This is entirely optional. Ghee tastes great even without the addition of these.


Bubbles are now formed. Continue to heat till the bubbles are clear.


Lower the heat and wait till you can see clear ghee on top. Switch off the flame


Some burnt part will be left at the bottom. This has to be discarded. Let it cool. Strain and collect the pure ghee in a container.


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