Day 84 : How to alter the length of a jeans by keeping its original hem

Knowing to sew is truly a blessing. The joy of wearing your clothes sewn by yourself is remarkable . Even if you buy ready made ones, it is always better to learn to alter them for a perfect fit. One such thing that requires alteration is the jeans. When you do not find your regular waist to length ratio, all you can do is take the waist that fits you and then alter its length , provided that the length is longer of course.

A general method people apply while altering jeans is by cutting the jeans at the end and folding and sewing to meet the required size. But one drawback that comes with this method is you lose the original hem of the jeans and that makes you lose the entire charm of your pants. Seriously, I love the original hems. They look so perfectly done, it’s sad to mess with that.

So when I found this trick of altering jeans by keeping the original hem, I was overwhelmed with excitement. I tried it on a pair of my husband’s jeans and it looked so great. The pant was altered to its required length and the original hem was also there. The end result was fantastic. I loved how I could alter it and still maintain its originality. This is how you can do it too.

Please read till the end before you start your alteration.

First, mark the length that you want to reduce the pant to ( I have marked it with a blue chalk, I think it’s barely visible). While marking it remember to measure it this way. For example, if you want to reduce the length by 2 inches, mark 2 1/2 inch from the bottom.

Next fold the bottom to line the original hem
With the markings.

Now sew below the hem stitch. Be careful not to override the hem stitch as our aim is to maintain that one. Sew all the way.

Now cut the extra folded length.

Turn over and top stitch.

Your jeans is now altered and yes your original hem is there as well.

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