Day 82 : How to patch on a pair of jeans

When you have little kids around, wounded knees and torn jeans are a usual affair. Wounded knees can be healed by medicines while the torn jeans by the sewing machine. I love to do a patch work on the torn part. It looks good, just like a new fashion style. Nowadays you find jeans with all kinds of tears and patches so making them one on an already torn jeans won’t make it look old and mended at all. This is how a patch work is done on a pair of jeans.


Place the jeans on a flat surface.


Remove the excess threads loosely hanging around. Use a seam ripper/ scissors for this part.


This is what it should look like now.


Place another piece of jeans below the cut space. This piece should be a little bigger than the tear. Pin it to the jeans.


For smaller size of jeans, you may require to open the side stitch of the leg in order to sew in the machine. I have opened one side of the leg stitch.


Now sew a zig zag, making a design over the patched piece sewing it to the jeans. Remove the pins as you sew.



This is the back part.


This is how it looks like on the front.


Now isn’t this cool?! Extend the life of your kid’s torn jeans by a patched jean fabric.

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