Day 81 – How to make a grocery shopping list

Meal planning is essential for every household. It makes you think in advance, makes you get your required ingredients on time without having to rush to the grocery at the last minute. One of the important aspect to consider while planning a meal is to check the ingredients you already have and plan your meal over those. For more tips on meal planning, check this here.

Once the meal plan for the week or fortnight is ready, the next step is to write down the required ingredients which you need to get. Organizing your “to buy” list based on different food sections/groups is very efficient in finding all the stuffs as well as not forgetting any of it. It also saves you time running around the shop. Usually in every supermarket, there are specific aisles for specific products. The fresh fruits are kept in a specific row and so are the vegetables. Eggs, milk and cheese have their own shelves and so are the lentils and rice. It’s easier to find things when you write down your list aisle by aisle.

Fruits, vegetables, eggs and milk are some of the basics of healthy eating. Don’t forget to include them in your list.

I always keep a list handy in the kitchen which I stitch to the refrigerator with a magnet. Whenever I run out of any item I write it down so I can pick it up at the next trip to the supermarket.

Arranging your grocery shopping list in the following categories always helps me.

Fruits & Vegetables
Dairy& Cheese
Meat &seafood
frozen products
Sauces /Spreads
Spices &herbs
Canned foods
Other groceries like pastas, lasagna etc
Cleaning products
Home accessories
Kitchen accessories
Personal care accessories

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