100 days of Homemaking Skills Series: Day 71 – Removing a tight jar lid

Opening a tight jar lid is no easy task. Twisting and turning and trying every method on that poor little lid does nothing good to open it up. What do you do in such a case. It’s difficult to always wait for the Mr. BodyBuilder of your house to return home, especially if your noodles is on the stove and you need a spoonful or two of Schezwan Sauce to spice it up. All you need is one little trick to save you the agony of opening a tight lid. Yes, no matter how skinny you are and you think you can’t do it, let me assure you- you can! You can open your favorite bottles of hazelnut spread or your favorite cream cheese, all by yourself. This is what you have to do.


Using a wooden spoon, whack the top edge of the lid a few times. Try opening it now. If it has opened up, great! If not try it after a little more amount of whacking. I’m sure the lid will come off easily now. ( For me it always opens up in the first try, yayy!!)

Whacking breaks the vacuum seal, hence the air pressure inside the jar drops so the lid opens up easily.

Do you have any other tricks that has worked for you? Do share with us in the comments below.

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