Day 69 : How to make chocolate decorations

Chocolate decorations takes your desserts or cakes on a whole new level of perfection. They are so mesmerizingly beautiful that you cannot take your eyes off them. There are so many amazing ways you can decorate with chocolate. The possibilities are just endless. The starting basic steps remain the same till you reach to the point of designing it. I tried my hand at making these lovely decoration and I was surprised at how easy it was.

All you need is chocolates ( bar cut into cubes, chocolate chips or discs) anything chocolate will do. Also you will need wax/ baking paper and a double boiler. Check it out here how you can make your own homemade double boiler.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler.

Take a sheet of baking paper and roll into a cone.

Fill with melted chocolate after it has cooled for about 2-3 minutes.

Now choose your design. Draw over a sheet of paper. Place a baking sheet over it. Trace the design. Refrigerate for an hour till firm. Gently remove it and garnish your desserts.

4 thoughts on “Day 69 : How to make chocolate decorations

  1. Happy New Year, Lubna! Thank you so much for sharing this post with us at the Hearth and Soul Link Party! What a useful skill to have – so much easier, better and more creative than buying the ready made decorations! Hope to see you at the first party of the year later today.


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