Day 66 : How to iron a shirt

The first time I took up the task of ironing a shirt, it was a slight sort of a nightmare. It was a plain cotton office wear shirt. I took about nearly 30 minutes to iron one. Yes,you read that right – 30 minutes. And the end result wasn’t as appealing as I thought it would be. With constant turnings and adjustments of the iron, some places still had wrinkles. I was exhausted. Fast forward few years, and now I can complete this task in mere 3-4 minutes with absolute perfection ( I am all praises for myself here – ha ha)

One tip that we all overlook specially while ironing cotton ones is sprinkling of water to make the cloth moist. This is a super trick to have neatly ironed clothes, I highly recommend using this spray bottle for sprinkling water over your clothes.

First iron over the collar, both back and front.

Next iron over the cuffs, both inside and out.

Move on to the sleeves. Iron both the front and the back.

Next lay the shirt on its back and iron over one half side. Proceed with ironing the other half side. Now flap the two sides apart and iron over the inside of the back fabric.

Hang your clothes on a hanger till it’s time to wear.

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