Day 64 : Skinning tomatoes

In order to get that perfect smooth texture of tomatoes, for example, in sauces, it is necessary to remove the skin of tomatoes. Some people just don’t like the taste of the tomato skin when it comes to the mouth so it’s a good idea to get rid of their skins before using them for cooking. The technique for skinning tomatoes is quite simple.

Take the tomatoes and mark an X at the bottom.
Keep them in a glass bowl. Pour boiling hot water over it.

Wait for a minute. This totally depends on how ripe your tomatoes are. If they are more ripe, then just 30 seconds will be sufficient.

Using a fork / slotted spoon lift the tomato. You will see that the skin is starting to wear out.

Gently peel the skin off.

Your tomatoes are now ready to use, without their skins.

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