Day 62 : How to grate lemon zest

The uses of lemon is – infinite. This little wonder ball is used for a variety of purposes. Apart from making a yummy glass of lemonade, lemons are also used as part of numerous home remedies. They are also used for weight loss and weight management. Lemons are rich in vitamin C hence they are vital for human beings and their development. They are also used in many beauty treatments for tan removal etc. As if the pulp itself wasn’t enough, the outer skin of lemon called as zest is also useful. They can be used in cookies and pies. They are used to give a hint of lemony flavour in the recipe.

To grate a lemon zest, all you need is a hand grater and a lemon.

Grate the lemon off its skin. Be careful a to not grate the layer under the skin, which is white in color. This gives a bitter taste. So do not grate that part of the lemon.

Store the grated zest in a bottle in the refrigerator for future use.


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