Day 60 – 3 easy ways to remove balls from clothes

Some clothes have a tendency to form balls after a period of its usage. This is called pilling. That doesn’t mean we have to toss them out, specially if they are one of our favorites. Here are three simple and easy ways we can renew them for longer usage by removing those balls.

1. Using sandpaper – Sandpaper is highly effective in removing those nasty balls from our cloth. Gently scrub the cloth with a sandpaper. Be careful not to do it harshly as this can permanently damage your clothing.

2. Using razor – We all have a razor or two at home. Lay your cloth on a flat surface. Gently pull and hold the fabric at the effected area. Shave in the opposite direction or upward.

3. Using Velcro – Velcro can also be used to remove the balls from the cloth. Stick the Velcro over the balls and pull it away. The balls will stick to the Velcro.

To prevent this formation on your clothes, follow these steps :
1. Wash clothes on a gentle cycle.
2. Wash clothes inside out.
3. Avoid drying in the machine. Use natural air to dry the clothes.

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