Day 58 : How to hem by hand

There was once a time when I didn’t even know the ABC’s of using a needle to sew something, neither using a sewing machine. I had never had the chance to stitch anything for that matter. Okay, that was a long time ago. Now I am a super big fan of my sewing machine – Janome Green. This makes sewing so much fun and easy to learn. Have a look at how to set up a sewing machine. Well, now that my sewing machine has become one of my bestest buddy, there are times when I actually have to hand sew something. For example, hemming. I know that it can be done through the machine itself, but I would rather do it by hand. Because it’s easy and I may not always have access to my machine ( for the times when I am on vacation) .

So I put together this little tutorial to show you all how to hem by hand. There are many ways you can hand hem, many stitches by many names but I prefer this one, it’s called a blind stitch. It’s speciality is that there is a very teeny amount of thread visible on both the sides.

I have used a contrasting thread for demonstration. Use a thread similar to the color of the fabric for a perfect finish.

Fold the fabric on the wrong side with another fold towards the edge of it. ( about 1/4″). Iron it to keep in place.

Thread a needle and pull it on the upper side of the fabric near its end.

Now pass your needle from side A to B as shown in the picture above.

Continue passing it from side A to B at a regular distance. In case you have a difficulty guessing the equal distance between the stitches, I highly recommend using an erasable fabric marker.

Tie off the thread.

Unfold the 1/4″ folded fabric to the right side and iron.

This is how it looks front and back.

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