Day 53 – Caring for wooden cutting boards and spoons

One of my most favorite accessory in the kitchen is my cutting board. It’s a thick wooden slab, rectangular in shape. I have used many plastic cutting boards before and I must say cutting on a wooden one is a different feeling ( in a nice way). However, taking proper care of it is important as well. Wooden boards and spoons have a tendency to crack if not cared properly. Here are some of the tips that I use for my board and spoons.

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1. Always wash with hot soapy water after every single use.

2. Do not soak in water for long time.

3. Oil your wooden accessories once in a month. Take a little amount of mineral oil and rub the board and spoons. Leave for 6 hours or so. Wipe with a tissue. Oiling is done for maintaining the wooden surface.

4. Every once in 15 days or once a week ( if you use it very frequently) , rub the board with a piece of lemon. Sprinkle salt on it. Leave on for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water. This helps to clean the board and remove odors from it.

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