Day 52 – 1 simple trick to separate an egg

When I was little, whole eggs were my favorite. By whole I mean, half fried eggs with its yolk intact. The yolks shouldn’t be broken even a tiny bit. And if mistakenly, the yolk broke for what so ever reason, I refused to have that egg. I wanted my mom to prepare another egg for me.

I was in for a shock when after marriage, I got to know that my dear husband likes his eggs fried on both the sides, with the yolk smashed in between. I mean, how can someone smash that yolk when all my life I wanted a perfect one. Well, anyways it made things easier for me now. Whenever I make eggs I prepare mine first. If the yolk is good in all it’s shape, that egg belongs to me else I flip it to the other side and smash it well and good ( half heartedly). This way I still have a chance to eat a perfect yolk by making a second one.

Many a times, especially when baking, we require that the egg yolks be separated from egg whites. This can sometimes pose to be a problem as we do not want to break the yolk in the process of separating it. This little trick here will help you separate them in a jiffy.

Step 1 – Keep a bowl on the kitchen counter.

Step 2 – Break open an egg.

Step 3 – ( Be a little careful here ) Pass the yolk from one half shell to another. Repeat till all the egg white has dropped down into the bowl.

Wasn’t that easy?!

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