Day 49 – 6 genius ways to organize your refrigerator

Refrigerator is an essential tool in our kitchen. It is highly important that we organize it in the best way possible. Even a small refrigerator has a lot of hidden spaces that can be utilized to its best. Organizing makes all the products visible and also helps in regulating proper air flow inside it. There are less chances of eatables getting spoilt. Well, who doesn’t love to open their doors to a neat and well organized fridge. Here are 6 ways to keep your refrigerator safe at its best.

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1. Line with refrigerator pads – It is absolutely necessary to protect the refrigerator shelves from accidental spills and dirt. Using refrigerator pads as protectors on the shelves makes it easy to clean them as well. Just remove it, wash it and put it back. It saves you a lot of time while cleaning your fridges.2. Use organizer binsOrganizer bins are a great way to keep our things in order. Same applies while organizing a refrigerator. Glass storage bins are efficient as they help to keep similar things in the same place. Things become easier to find, hence saving you time and also saving some place in your refrigerator.
3. Use sliding drawers – There are some parts of your fridge that’s never used. It feels like a lot of space is being wasted – like the space in between the drawers. The best solution is to utilize sliding drawers in these spaces. These make organization so much efficient taking it to a whole new level.

4. Make use of air tight food container – Store you veggies in air tight food containers. This will help keep them fresh longer and will in keeping the odors away.

5. Side organizers – Utilize the area around your refrigerator with Side organizers. Keep your regular usable things there and they will be easy to find. Items like aluminum foil, cling wraps, your daily use mugs and tissue roll can be stored efficiently.

6. Fruit and Vegetables Life Extender – Keep your natural produce fresh by using these life extenders. Place your veggies and fruits on it. This will keep them fresh for long and prevent spoilage. It helps in proper air flow to the veggies and hence prevents rotting. And what’s more, they inturn help you save on your grocery bills. Now isn’t that what we all wanted?!

In what better ways do you organize your refrigerator? Do let me know in the comments below.







5 thoughts on “Day 49 – 6 genius ways to organize your refrigerator

  1. To be honest I don’t like the idea of organizing bins for my fridge. It just seems like more compartments to deal with. I do however think the refrigerator pads are a fantastic idea and I hadn’t seen them before this. I love that they come in different colours for organization and of course that they would make cleaning the fridge so much easier. Thank you for the reference.


    1. Thanks for your opinion Leanna. The reason I like the bins is because similar things can be arranged in a single compartment so that way, I do not have to dig into my fridge to search something. I do understand your concern, coming to think of it, I think I can partially agree.


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