Day 46 – 30 minutes to a clean home ( daily activities)

A home can be a haven for our family if it’s clean, calm and comfortable. It can also turn out to be a disaster for them if it’s dirty and sloppy. But cleaning the house surely takes up a lot of time. In this busy world, it’s quite difficult to have a squeaky clean house, spotless and flawless, immaculately tidy at all the times. Many a times we keep out one day a week aside for the entire cleaning of our homes but this takes a lot of time as the entire house has to be cleaned at once. These are some of the daily activities that can help keep your home clean without taking much of your time. Little by little, everything counts up. If you cannot spend 2 -3 hours for the whole cleaning, you can definitely spare 30 -40 minutes each day so that your home looks like it’s always tidy. This routine is specially good as you can always have a clean home for your family now with less effort and also keep your unexpected guests puzzled by the amount of cleaning you do. 😀

Let’s start with the living room first as this is the place we spend a whole lot of time.

Living room

1. The first thing that people see is your couch. Keep the pillows and rugs in neat order.

2. Wipe the table with a clean cloth. I prefer to use a microfiber cloth as they tidy up without leaving any streaks behind.

3. Arrange the flowers, keep magazines and books in a proper alignment.

4. Vacuum / mop the floor if required. I use my Panasonic vacuum cleaner for this purpose. It is highly efficient and easy to use. It makes my work so much easier.


1. Make your bed. Do this first thing in the morning. It will make you feel great. Check out my post on 3 things to start your morning with a BANG.

2. Pick away things that don’t belong in the bedroom. I keep a basket always at hand to pick out the odd things from each room and then go about keeping them in their right places.

3. Fold your clothes and keep them in. Keep the clothes to be washed in the laundry bin. Keep your accessories in the right places.

4. Vacuum /mop the floor as needed.


1. Wipe the sink, faucet and the mirror so that it’s free from water spots.

2. Wipe toilet seat. Brush the toilet bowl with a toilet brush. I use harpic to remove the germs from the bowl. Let it stay for 5 minutes while you do the rest of the job. Then brush well.

3. Replace dirty towels with clean ones.

4. Mop the floor.


1. Empty the sink of all the utensils. Keep in their respective places. If using a dishwasher, empty it and keep the dishes back.

2. Scrub the sink.

3. Wipe counters.

4. Sweep & mop floor.

5. Replace dirty towels.


1. Do one load of laundry daily. It’s always better to tackle one load at a time rather than a day of mass washings and foldings.

2. Take out the trash every night and afternoon depending on the accumulation in the bins.

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5 thoughts on “Day 46 – 30 minutes to a clean home ( daily activities)

  1. Great tips! Love the idea of keeping a basket around to collect the random and miscellaneous. This is especially true with young kids around and all the stuff that gathers all over! I agree that making the beds first thing does start the day on a less chaotic plane. Visiting from Share It One More Time party.


    1. Thanks a ton Victoria! With kids around, the house messes up way much faster. Gathering up things becomes easy this way. Thanks so much for commenting.


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