Day 45 – How to make sugar syrup

Sugar syrup is a vital ingredient while stacking layers of cake. Everyone likes the cakes to be moist and soft. In comes the sugar syrup. Brush it a little over the cakes before you apply the frosting and you will have soft cakes rich in moisture. Sugar syrup is also an important component in Indian sweets. Many require sugar syrup to be made and mixed with other ingredients, for example in laddoos, halwas etc.

Sugar syrup can be made and stored in refrigerator. This can be used later as required.

To make sugar syrup, you need equal amounts of sugar and water. For 1 cup of water you will need 1 cup sugar.
Heat on medium heat till the sugar is dissolved completely. The liquid must be clear and no traces of sugar must be seen.
Switch off the stove and let it cool before using or storing.

While making sugar syrup for Indian sweets, it is usually mentioned as one string, two string or three string constituencies. The method of checking them is as follows.
For one string – let the solution boil for . Dip a spoon into the sugar syrup. Wait for a few seconds to cool as it will be very hot. Touch your forefinger onto the spoon. Now touch your forefinger and thumb and pull it apart. If you see a single strand of unbreakable line, the sugar syrup has reached one string constituency.
For two string, there will be two strands visible.
And for three strands, three strands will be visible.


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