Day 42 – How to fix a hole in your clothes

Finding holes in our clothes is a rather nasty sight. So learning to mend them is extremely important. Because misfortunes do happen and we may come face to face with an unsightly hole in our favorite dresses which we do not want to discard yet. Mending them provides a new life to our clothes or may I say, an extended life.

There are various methods to fix the holes in our clothes – random stitches, patching another piece of cloth and many more. Though we do not have to master all of them, it’s good to know a few at least to use it for our purpose. Patching a cloth on the back gives a more finished look and is suitable to be done when the hole is a little bit large. I will do a post on that soon.

Today I will show the random stitch method of closing up holes. This is suitable for smaller holes.

This is the hole I am trying to mend

( For illustrative purpose, I have used a red colored thread. Please use the same color thread as the cloth for an excellent finish)

Turn your garment inside out. You will be working on the inside(wrong side) of your cloth.Thread your needle. Insert it from one end to the other at the beginning of the hole. (side A to B)

Again insert the thread from side A to B. Repeat multiple times till the entire hole has been covered in stitches.

There you go! You have a cloth with an extended life.


6 thoughts on “Day 42 – How to fix a hole in your clothes

  1. Great advice to lengthen the amount of use we get out of an article of clothing. I like that you fixed it by hand instead of by machine. This is so much quicker, thanks for sharing.


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