Day 36 : How to deal with Constipation

Every two in five people nowadays suffer from constipation. It may have got to do with something that they ate or the lifestyle that they live in. Exercise and healthy eating habits are a must for fighting back the effects of constipation. Bloating of the stomach and pain are common symptoms of constipation. Before you head on to the store for medicines, try these natural home remedies to cure it.

1. Keep yourself hydrated – You probably heard it a million times and yet i’l tell you again – drink lots of water. When your body is hydrated your digestive muscles can work in digesting better and move out the wastes. Optimal minimum requirement is 8 glasses for an adult.

2. Olive oil – Olive oil does wonders to relieve constipation. Take a tablespoon of oil on an empty stomach and feel your constipation disappear.

3. Eat fibrous foods – This goes back to our school books where we read fiber helps in digestion. This is so very true. Eating lots of fibers like beans, broccoli, pears, apples, plums etc can help in relieving constipation.

4. Exercise – Exercise is one’s best friend. Regular exercise will keep you healthy and fit and keep problems like these on bay. It’s important to be physically active. Exercises like walking is helpful to avoid the problems of constipation.

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