Day 35 – How to make your home smell great naturally – DIY air freshener

We want our houses to smell good at all times. But in this ever sophisticated world, where the usage of artificials has tremendously increased how do we use natural methods to have a good aroma around us.

This is a guest post written by Demi for A Crafty Homemaker.

We all face bad odors on daily basis- at home, at work and especially on the street, but those who really concern us are the ones at home. There are plenty of simple ways to create your own natural air freshener, instead of buying chemical-based cleaning products that represent a real danger to you and your family. Most of the ingredients you can find at home, for some you might have to go to the store, but don’t you buy the harmful, chemical-based ones from the store as well? By taking it upon yourself to make a natural air freshener you are taking a great evolutionary leap, or maybe just the opposite, no matter which one is it, you should know what is the right choice here. In this article you will find about ways to make your own air fresheners with the scents you love, not to mention the lack of harmful substances.

You would want to use essential oils, as they have many cleaning purposes, one of which is infusing your home with their heavenly scent. What you need to do is boil some water, take it off the stove and add a few drops of the essential oil in the already heated water. The smell of the oil will quickly fill the room and it won’t have any negative effect on your health, just pure natural awesomeness. Not only will this essential oil scent your home it will also clean and purify the air, as it has antibacterial purposes too..

Another great natural air freshener, that you can easily cook up at home and would help for immaculate appearance is a mixture of water, lemon, rosemary and vanilla. What you need to do is fill a small shallow pot with water, add sliced lemons, as well as vanilla and a few springs of rosemary. This simple mixture will fill your room and spread its heavenly scent for about two days, after which is recommended you replace the whole set.

In the spirit of using natural air fresheners we can’t miss to mention the orange. Yes, oranges are an amazing air scented candle, if you know how to bend its purpose. You go ahead and eat the orange, all you need is the peel(which is also great for cleaning) and the little white stem in the middle. What you should do first is slice the orange in half, use a knife to carefully separate the eatable part of the fruit from the stem. Continue by replacing the knife with a fork to dig around the white stem which will later play the role of a the lit. Next step is filling the peel with oil of your choice- be it olive, canola, etc. Let the oil sit around the stem for about an hour, before you light the same stem on fire. By that time it should have absorbed the oil and fill scent your room nicely!


For you coffee lovers, and for those who dislike the taste but enjoy the smell there is way to kill bad odors and enliven your home with the scent of coffee! Grind or bake some coffee beans and put them in the oven, this way it will quickly spread in the room. Coffee is also a good way to mask the bad odors.

Vinegar is an old friend when it comes to freshening, cleaning and killing bad odors. One way is to create a mixture of one part vinegar with three-four parts water, pour it in a spray bottle and spray the room. Another way is filling a ball of vinegar and placing it in the kitchen to kill the bad smells that sometimes come from cooking.

About the author:

Demi Giles has numerous interests, but recently she found a new hobby – writing. She is a mother and knows how important is to reduce the chemicals around her children. What a better start than a simple natural air freshener?


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