Day 34 : Removing plastic labels from glass bottles

I need to admit it – I love to reuse things. I am a big fan of finding things to reuse or recycle. And when it comes to glass bottles, there is no excuse. I love to have them around as they are perfect to store things. But the plastic labels on them gets annoying. That’s because I do not want people to stare at them and think, ” Oh! That was your jar of Nutella! ” or ” Hey! This was your bottle of tomato sauce”. That’s really annoying. The things you can store in glass bottles are endless. Eatables stored in them have a longer shelf life. There is little chance of things getting spoilt and also they look beautiful compared to the plastic ones. Besides, plastics can be dangerous to store food stuffs.

In today’s post of the 100 days of Homemaking Skills Series, i’l show you an easy way to remove those stubborn labels and have your jars sparkling again.

Take hot water in a bucket or a small tub. Add few drops of dish wash and 2 tbsp of white vinegar.

Remember here, the water should be really hot. The idea is to melt the glue beneath the sticker. Immerse your bottle into that.

Wait for an hour. Remove it from the water and you’ll see that the label comes off easily.

If any residue remains, gently scrub with a sponge.

There you go! Your bottles can be reused in all its beauty!

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