Day 33 – How to help dark colored clothes maintain their color

Today’s post is on how to retain the color of dark colored clothes. Just as white clothes tend to lose their brightness and gets dull and yellowed easily, the dark clothes tend to fade off very quickly. It’s sad to see your favorite clothes losing their color. In order to maintain their darkness, here’s what you can do.

1. Always turn your dark garments inside out when washing.

2. When you add black clothes into the machine, add 2 cups of brewed tea or coffee in the rinse cycle. Your black clothes will have its color black.

3. If you have the option of using cold water in your washing machine do turn it on. Warm water may cause the color to fade.

4. Do not over dry dark clothes. Dry it just enough. Do not put it out when the sun is at its peak. Sunlight causes the color to fade very fast. I prefer using this indoor drying retractable clothesline. It saves space and is also highly convenient.

5. Last but not the least, ALWAYS wash dark and light clothes separately. This will ensure that the colors do not get messed up onto lighter ones.

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