Day 32: How to make whites whiter

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Washing clothes is easy, toss them in the machine with laundry detergent and they are done! But washing white clothes and keeping them as new i.e sparkling white is quite a tricky task. Most of the times it’s our white clothes that are retired too early than the colored clothes. And almost mostly ( for me), it’s the white clothes that become my favorite. Dealing with yellowing and discolorations can be quite stressful specially if you’re like me, in love with white outfits. Here are 3 simple tricks that have worked for me. I mostly use the first one but occasionally I dive into the second or third depending on what is available when.

1. Boil enough water to fill half a bucket. Cut lemon into slices and put into the boiling water. Remove from stove and insert your white clothes into it. Leave for an hour. Rinse and dry. Your whites would have become whiter. I usually go with this method as lemon is always there at my place. Some people say you have to let it continue to boil after putting in your cloth. But either way it works.

2. When washing in the machine, add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. This will soften and bring back the brightness into the fabric.

3. Soak in a mixture of baking soda and water. Mix 4 liters of water with 1 cup baking soda. Soak for an hour. Your whites will be new again.

4. When the clothes have really gone bad and it’s kinda severe, I use Rit Dye whitener and Brightener. This gets my clothes new in no time.

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