Good Riddance in an unexpected way

Gone are the days of golden glory when owning a phone itself was a feeling of pride – be it a Nokia or a Sony. I still remember my first phone which was a brand new Nokia 2600. I was so in love with that because it was a colored screen one. And let me tell you it was one of the first few phones with a color screen display. Okay, I agree here that color doesn’t refer to so and so pixels, it was just an ordinary one with a display of few colors on its screen. Changing the wallpaper daily was more of an obsession as no one around me had something like that. I was obnoxiously proud to show off my collection of wallpapers to all. What was significantly important to me was the Snake game which was played as though in a exam – a serious look on the face and no disturbance from anyone. Moreover because it was a colored screen one, I could actually see the color of foods that the snake ate (ohh so much for the science student in me)

But then out flew those days. And in came the era of iPhones and Samsung where the features surpass the human mind. With the changing technology, so does the minds of people. Each and every person is interested to have their share in this technological world, while a few intend to develop them and the rest are ready to throw away their cash for them.

Just before the era of apple products started, I was gifted with a brand new Sony Ericsson Satio. (Well, have you ever heard of that) It was kind of a limited edition phone I guess, because whenever I mention that name to anyone, they look at me as if saying – In which planet was that launched? Nevertheless it was one of my most favorite gadget that I’ve used. That phone was like a game changer to me. With an 8mp camera and some amazingly cool features and games, this was in simple terms the best phone ever for me. It was a subject of hot topic everyday as all my friends asked to see it and admired it. I was even more proud of this one.

I was very much hurt when one day, it decided to simply pass away, never to return back. The display was gone and my phone just wouldn’t switch on. I visited many mobile shops for its repair, to change the display, to do anything that could get the phone working. I was ready to pay any price for it. All for the love of one single gadget. You know, sometimes we have a few things that we cannot part with. Well, this was one of them for me. It went from one set of hands to another, from one shop to another but to no avail. It simply didn’t want to switch on. One of the shopkeeper asked me to sell it off to him for 3/4th of its cost. I snatched away my phone and walked out of the shop angrily with my precious little phone. I kept it away in my closet hoping that one day some magical genie would come and repair it for me. ( huh?! The thoughts of a fairy tale mind)

Time slowly passed and it’s memories were replaced slowly by an Apple device. Apple, with its super cool features can impress you in a way that no one else can. It was 4 years since. I still had my Satio in my cupboard. I just couldn’t get myself to sell it. Then one day my mother in law mentioned about her friends son who was an expert in repairing mobiles. He had built his name in gadget repairs and everyone was singing praises of him. A ray of hope arose. I immediately asked to call him over and he arrived. I explained to him the problem and handed over the phone to him. He went with a promise to try his best to resolve the issue. Let me mention here that he worked with the same brand before. And then what?
He has never been seen since then , nor has my phone! It’s been 2 years.

Getting rid of it was never on my mind. I had kept it safely for 4 long years not to be discarded this way. If selling it was on my mind I would have handed it over to the man who offered me 3/4th of its price. And if it was the times of today, I would easily sell it off on . This site helps you to get rid of your unwanted gadgets by paying you cash and that’s why it’s #CleanUpCashOut. And what’s more! With the coupon CLEANCASH, I would have got an additional Rs.250. Now isn’t that called a deal?!


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