Day 27 : How to Declutter

De clutter is a very complicated word. And even more complicated is the action of decluttering. I mean, it’s a very difficult decision to decide what stays in and what’s going to be tossed out. It may be an expensive dress you took 5 years back and haven’t worn it even once ( Oh God! I had spent a fortune on that dress. How can I throw it??! But hello! You haven’t even worn it once. And the probability is you aren’t going to wear it either). Or maybe those cute little mittens you got for yourself ( Hello! You stay in a damn hot country and chances are you won’t use them either unless you head over for a snowy vacation).

The scenarios may seem simple but it’s all those little things that get stuffed up in your house with things you never use, or with things that’s outdated. It’s said that the more stuffs you accumulate in your houses, the more dull and negative you become. If you don’t believe me, try cleaning up a drawer and see the feeling that you get. Whenever I clean up my home and toss out unwanted stuffs, I feel a positive energy within me. Everything seems to be organized, all of a sudden. I get a clear view of everything. That’s why, they say, decluttering is essential. Here are just a few things to help you decide how and what to toss out. Ask yourselves these questions and decide on the need of it.

1. Is this something that I use regularly? Have I used it the past year?
2. Is it something that I love? If I were to be shopping right now, would I buy this?
3. Am I keeping this for sentimental reasons?
4. Do I have multiples of this same thing?
5. Could someone else use it more than me?

These are just a few questions for start. But they help in decluttering in a long way. After all, we all need a space that’s organized and clean with stuffs we use rather than filling up with stuffs that accumulate dust with time.


3 thoughts on “Day 27 : How to Declutter

  1. Thank you for the reminder about decluttering. I can use ALL the reminders that I can get! I’m so glad you posted the 5 questions to help remind me! Thank you for reminding me that you get positive energy when you declutter! I’m going to get rid of some stuff today, thanks to your post! Have a great Monday!


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