100 days of Homemaking Skills Series: Day 22 – Basic Indian Bread – Chapati

One of the most fondly eaten meal in an Indian household, after rice is the chapati or commonly called roti. Chapati is usually eaten for breakfasts or dinner but some people prefer is for lunches also. Made with whole wheat flour, this is rich in fiber. Chapati is eaten with curries or chutneys and is enjoyed by all as a healthy component of a meal.

Here is how a chapati is made.

The dough is made using wheat flour, salt and water. To make a perfect dough, check it out here. I use Aashirvad whole wheat flour. I basically love this flour as the chapathi’s come out really soft and delicious.

Now take a small ball of dough ( shaped into a round) and flatten it.

Sprinkle some flour over it so that it gets easy to roll. I have used refined flour for dusting.

Now roll it out into a circle. Making it round takes a little bit of practice. I know, mine aren’t round enough but hey, I’m still trying!

Heat a pan. To check if the pan is hot enough, hold your palm at a distance of 15cm from the pan. If you can feel the heat on your palm, then the pan is hot enough. Put the heat to medium. Now put the rolled chapati onto the pan.

Wait for a few seconds and you see little puffs on the chapati. Now flip it to the other side. (The chapati has to be cooked a little on one side and then cook the chapati fully on the other). Now turn back to the first side and cook well. Apply 1 tsp of oil to the chapati or go oil-less if you are health conscious freak.
Press the sides well.

Do not keep flipping the chapati as the chapati will get very hard.

Serve hot.

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4 thoughts on “100 days of Homemaking Skills Series: Day 22 – Basic Indian Bread – Chapati

  1. Our former daughter-in-law is Indian and she would make this for us all the time. I’m going to give this a try. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story and we hope you will join us again next week.


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