Day 18: How to make a loose ring fit your finger

You know those times when you can’t let go of a ring you really love at the store, but eventually you have to give up as the ring doesn’t fit you. You think to yourself, ” Why on earth are my fingers so thin?!” Or ” Why can’t they just design rings from a size or two smaller?!” To tell you frankly, finding a ring that fits me perfectly is like a nightmare. I can never seem to come across one. And when I came across this little tip, I was like whoa!!! Where have you been all my life?!

Okay, so it is this simple. All you need is double sided tape.

Cut a small piece of tape and stick it at the back of your ring or the sides depending on how much loose it is for you.

Put it on. If it fits perfectly then great! If not add another piece of tape on top of the previous one until you achieve your perfect size. Isn’t this really cool?!

What’s even great is that nothing is visible on the back. No one will ever make out the tape hiding on the behind. 😉

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6 thoughts on “Day 18: How to make a loose ring fit your finger

  1. Excellent idea! When I was in middle and high school if a girl was going steady with a boy the boy would give her his class ring and she would give him her ring. His ring would, of course, be way too big for her fingers so she would take adhesive tape and wrap it around the back of the ring until it fit. Then she would paint it with numerous coats of nail polish. We always were in envy of the girls that got to do this. The boy would wear her ring on a chain around his neck. Your idea is much more subtle and “grown-up”! Thanks for sharing it!


    1. Thank you Naomi! At my end, people did the same especially at weddings. But now everyone has switched over to this method. I’m glad!


  2. I’ve had to have my rings re-sized at the jewellers several times throughout my life as my fingers get bigger and smaller over the years. This is a great solution for when they feel too big. Thank you so much for sharing, and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party.


  3. What a clever tip – unfortunately I need the what if your ring is too small tip as I have had one of them since I was ten 🙂 It is a gold Claddagh ring from my Irish family and too precious for me to cut off


    1. To make a ring bigger, all you can do is take it to the jeweler to resize it. They usually weld a piece of metal on the back end. Since you do not want to cut it, I would suggest you to wear it as a pendant. It would look stylish and your ring will be safe from any cuttings.


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