Day 17 : Easiest way to insert a comfort into a comforter

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I love the feel of duvets. Soft and comforting, maybe that’s why they are called comforters. The feeling of squeezing under one on a cold rainy day is enough to warm you, in and out. But once they are washed, the task that awaits you is wrapping them in their covers. If you haven’t done it then trust me, it is one of the most annoying stuff.  Either the corners don’t match or the ends are loosely hanging out. I literally go into the cover to see that all is in its place. I know, that’s funny but I never knew any other way to do it, until, I came across this super easy trick. I had always been wondering how does the rest of the world do it?! Now I know it, yay! If you do not have a comforter yet, I highly recommend this amazing super soft comforter.

The following steps have been taken from this super cool website.


Step 1: Lay the comforter flat on top of your mattress.
Step 2: Take your duvet cover and turn it inside out. Insert your hands inside and find the two top corners. You should now be holding one corner in each hand.
Step 3: With your hands inside the duvet cover, reach down to grab hold of the comforter’s top two corners.
Step 4: Holding the top two corners tightly, flip the duvet cover right side out over the comforter. Give it a shake and a fluff until the duvet cover falls down to cover most of the comforter.
Step 5: Pull the duvet cover down. Stuff the bottom two corners of the comforter inside the bottom two corners of the duvet cover. Once everything is aligned, zip it up!

Now, inserting a cover is super easy and fun too!


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