Day 15: How to set up a sewing machine

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Knowing to sew is a blessing. It’s good to at least mend your own clothes even if you do not know complete professional sewing. Sewing is an art that can be learnt, with patience and perseverance. Till late, I hadn’t had a lot of interest in this but when I got home a sewing machine, that’s when my interest soared. I have been learning quite a bit about sewing and I must say, I really feel why didn’t I learn it before. I could make all those lovely clothes looming on Pinterest for myself. I could even save tons of money which I hand over to the tailor. Well, better late than never. My new goal for the year is ” Spend more time with my sewing machine”. I do not know how far it will go but yes I yearn to master my sewing skills in near future.

Today’s post in the Homemaking Skills Series is on how to set up a sewing machine. Anybody knowing to sew would wave their hand off in sarcasm but I feel it’s really important to know how to set it up, where all your thread should go through etc etc. When I was a beginner, I didn’t know it. And now that I know it, I feel that’s the most basic thing in a sewing machine and every Homemaker should know it, if you plan to operate on one.

So today you will learn two of the most basic things – filling your bobbin and inserting the thread into the needle for sewing.

But before that let me show my amazing little Janome Green 12 Sewing machine. It is one of the most user friendly sewing machine. What I love most about it is the ease with which sewing is done, hence making me fall in love with sewing more and more. I absolutely love this tool.

This is the motor ( pedal). When you press your foot on it the machine runs. This has two plugs – one to connect to the power and the other to connect to your machine.

How to fill and connect a bobbin

A bobbin is a spool of thread that gives the stitch at the back of your cloth. It looks like this.

To fill a bobbin, insert your main thread in the thread holder and follow the path of the thread shown in the picture.

You have to insert the thread in the tiny hole present in the bobbin. Push it to the right to secure.

Holding a little strand of thread, run your machine. The thread will wind up inside the bobbin.

Place it back into its holder and into the machine leaving a small thread outside.

How to thread the needle

To thread the needle, place the spool of thread into the thread holder and pass the thread through each of the following as shown in the images below.

 Now insert the thread into the needle eye.

Your machine is now ready for sewing!

The knobs on the machine are to select the type of stitches and the length of the stitches.

Your machine is now set up! Yay!!

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