100 days of Homemaking Skills Series: Day 7 – How to make the most of your day

Being a Homemaker is a tough job. Loads of things need to be done. After all, THE WHOLE HOUSE has to be managed ( along with our dear ones). It’s difficult to decide where to start with. Many a times I go through the day at the end of which I feel – ” Oh my God! I haven’t done anything today”. It’s not that actually I haven’t done anything, I may have done some of the chores but yet I feel dissatisfied as I wanted some more stuffs to be tackled. Why is there just 24 hours in a day?! Couldn’t there be an extra one or two?! Does this sound familiar to you?

As time has passed, I’ve realized that it is possible to get all your things done ( by keeping your mind sane) as well as feeling satisfaction at the end of the day. These are just a few of the changes in our life to make our day more productive and contented.

1. Rise early – Becoming a morning person can do wonders to your day that only the people who wake up early can appreciate. It’s like as if , you are given a few extra hours to live that day. In those extra hours, you can get more things done than anybody else with blankets over their heads. I always find this time relaxing and prolific as my concentration is at the highest. I can easily get stuffs done at this time than at any other time of the day. Rising early is highly beneficial if you have a toddler. In those extra few hours, a tsunami of work can be done before your toddler wakes up.

2. Make a to do list – This is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT way to make the most of your day. Having a plan to do stuffs is very useful as it keeps your mind set on doing those things mentioned in your list. Anything done with a plan has a high chance of success. Make lists of anything that you want to do on that day – vacuum, clean , take the kids out, call a friend etc. But BE REALISTIC. Don’t go about writing things that you know is out of your reach that day. Writing a to do list gives you a clear schedule of your day. But sometimes our day may not go as planned. Some obstacles may come into the way, but nevertheless you would still be able to do a few of them. Or better still, you will know what to start with the next day.

3. Prepare the night before – Laying your clothes out for the next day, planning for the breakfast or getting your kids bags ready for school are just some of the many things you can do the night before that will make your mornings peaceful. Mornings are the rush hours of the day. If a little bit of the morning routine is done the night before, then your morning works get easier, keeps your head balanced and helps you do everything gratefully.

4. Fit in time for yourself – Ignoring yourself in the daily routine will do you more harm than you can ever imagine. Its is absolutely essential to find some time for yourself each day, no excuses. Find time to exercise or just take a walk. Do something that makes you happy, be it a hobby or some classes. Pamper yourself, get a facial done or a manicure or pedicure. Anything that will make you elated.

5. Pray – Starting your day with the morning prayers helps you lead the day calmly and makes you more in control of your day.

6. Rest – Have a good rest at nights without interruptions. You will feel bright and cheerful in the morning, ready to head on with your day.

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