100 days of Homemaking Skills Series: Day 4 – How to prepare the perfect soup

I love the feeling that soups give – warm and soothing. Since the store bought ready to make packets – the ones where you pour the contents into water and boil – are high in sodium, it’s better to learn how to make your own soup. I’ve seen many people make soup in a little different ways but mostly the method is the same. You need your veggies, broth and some seasoning and your soup is ready!

Step 1: Choose your fat – Choose your oil – vegetable oil, butter or olive oil. You need a small amount to cook your aromatics.

Step 2: Choose your aromatics – Aromatics are the ingredients that gives the lovely aroma to your soup. Onions, garlic, leeks and shallots can be used to give the aroma to your soup. You can either use one or a combination of 2-3 ingredients that are mentioned above.

Step 3: Choose your meat and veggies – This step involves adding the meat and veggies to your soup. You can make a combination of meat and vegetables as well. First add the meat – chicken, beef or prawns. Next add the harder vegetables and later the soft ones. You can add vegetables like carrot, peppers, potato, cauliflower, mushroom, green peas, broccoli, sweet potato, corn etc. Sauté till cooked.

Step 4: Add the broth: The liquid part of the soup is the broth. You can use vegetable broth, chicken broth or even use the broth cubes to make them. Add the broth to the cooked meat and veggies.

Step 5: Additional ingredients ( optional): Add egg drops, noodles etc at this stage. You can either add pre cooked noodles or cook them in the broth at this stage.

Step 6: Add seasoning: Season it with salt, pepper, red chili powder ( for spicy eaters), lemon juice, ginger, soya sauce etc.

Step 7: Thicken it up ( optional) : If you prefer a thick and creamy soup, then add coconut milk, cream etc. You can also add a mixture of corn flour with water. This will thicken your soup but will not add any taste to it.

Your soup is ready! You can now enjoy it as it is or can pulse with a hand mixer for a puréed texture.

6 thoughts on “100 days of Homemaking Skills Series: Day 4 – How to prepare the perfect soup

  1. Good tips… we do enjoy soup and I am planning to make a good hearty one for today… which is cooler and damp w/ storms expected. Soup just seems to fit. 🙂


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