Day 1 – How to sew a button

This is the first post in the 100 days of Homemaking Skills Series. I am super excited to start this new series with you all.

No matter how simple it may seem, sewing a button is something we often get to do. Buttons should neither be too tight nor too loose. Its placing should be directly opposite the button hole. Also the size of the button hole should be in combination with the size of the button. If the button size is smaller than the button hole, the button will easily slide out. And if the button is larger than the button hole, it will be difficult to button up. So sizing of both is important and should match each other.

Generally there are two types of buttons – a two holed button and a four holed button. The method to sew it is the same. Below are the pictures for securing a 4 holed button.

You will need needle with a thread, a button and a pin. Start by inserting the thread into the needle. Tie it with a knot.

Insert the needle from the back of the fabric into one of the holes of the button (1)

Place a pin on the button between the first and second hole. (2) This is done so that the button does not get attached too tight.

Now insert the needle into the second hole of the button (3)

Do the same for the other set of holes(4)

Repeat a few times till the button is secured firmly.Tie a knot at the back of the fabric and cut the excess thread. Now slip out the pin from the top of the button. (5)

The same method applies for a two holed button where you follow steps 1, 2 and 3 and then jump to step 5.

I know, sewing a button doesn’t require as much of a skill but hey, we do not want our buttons to be too tight or falling loosely off. This teeny tiny skill isn’t known to many and hence can be really helpful to tuck in all those falling buttons perfectly.

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