DIY yarn wrapped letters

Since I’ve a lot of leftover yarn, making something out of it is always on my to do list. This beautiful room decor caught my eyes on Pinterest and I decided to make one for my son’s room. This project is easy and takes just an hour to complete. All you have to do is wrap the yarn around the alphabets and stick them together using hot glue.

Rifan – that’s my son’s name! It means greenery / Greenland. I feel amazed at how time passes by so quickly. He’s already an year and 3 months now. I feel like it was just yesterday that he was born. An active toddler now, he is always up to some mischief. I know, this time will also pass by soon and so I want to cherish each of these moments. (Sigh)

So back to the project. First i took a thick cardboard and cut out each alphabet using a knife.

Using a small tape at one end, I started to wrap the yarn around it. The edges are a little tricky than how they look.

Once all is done, stick then together using a glue gun.

Isnt it just lovely?! Do let me know in the comments below!

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