DIY Photo Frame

It’s always fun to come up with creative ways to use the waste around the house. This little project is fun to make and the possibilities of making it pretty is endless. Yeah, this cute little photo frame is made with cardboard ( thick ones) and some scraps of fabric. It can be decorated with flowers, sequins or beads or you can leave it as it is. Anyways, it looks cool. Isn’t it amazing how trash can be turned into treasure!

Things needed:
Thick cardboard
Decorative fabric
Glue gun
Sharp knife

Cut your cardboard into the following sizes:
5″ x 6″ ( 2 pieces)
1 inch wide three sided strip ( cut from 4.5″ x 5.5″ ) [ The first one at the bottom of the image]
5″ x 6″ ( 1 piece – 1.5 inch wide with its center removed) [ The second one at the bottom of the image. This is for the frame]

Cut your fabric into the following sizes:
7″ x 8″ ( 1 piece)
5″ x 6″ (1 piece)
2″ x 4″ (1 piece)
6″ x 7″ (1 piece) [ You can either use the same fabric or a contrasting one. I have used the same fabric on the wrong side. This is to cover the cardboard frame ]
Place the 2 full cardboards on the bigger fabric with a distance on half an inch. Fold the excess sides and glue them.

Now glue the second fabric onto the open face of the cardboard.

Now fold the third piece of fabric lengthwise as shown and glue them.

Attach this little strip onto the bottom of the two sides.

Now glue the three sided strip onto the front of the frame.

Now take the cardboard frame and the fabric to cover the frame and wrap it with glue.

Decorate with decorative netted fabric.

Glue the decorated frame on the cardboard.

Put in your favorite snaps and enjoy! 😀

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