DIY Sneakers makeover – Embroidery on shoes

It’s common for us to get bored of our old sneakers. When its new it won’t come off our feet and when it gets old it won’t get into our feet 😉 Happens with each one of us right?! It’s time to refashion it and wear it a little more.

This cute little embroidered sneakers will make you think twice before you toss your old pair of shoes into the trash. I was inspired by this idea. I chose to make the same triangle shapes, though you can try something else. I was so in love with them that I decided to use the same. This pair of sneakers look so lovely, I almost forget how it used to look earlier. It’s very easy to make, all you need is needle and some embroidery threads and an hour at hand. You will have a brand new stylish shoes ready.

Things needed

A pair of sneakers

Embroidery thread


Decide on which side you want the embroidery. And start working out your triangles. They do not have to be in proper measured shapes. Just random ones will be perfectly fine.

And once it’s done, I am sure you will love the way it looks.

Isnt it just adorable!


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