DIY Roses Cushion Cover

Cushions are the perfect accessory to light up any room. For example, take the living room, you have a beautiful sofa, a large carpet and some pretty vases. Add a few cushions and your room looks heavenly. Throw a few cushions on your bed and your bedroom sparks up. That’s the beauty of cushions. It provides an instant makeover to any room.

Frankly speaking, I am obsessed with cushions. I love them all over my place. Whenever I see some beautiful ones, I can’t help but buy them. I must admit, I have cushions thrice the number of regular pillows and yet if I see another eye catching one, I am sure to buy. So when I saw this pretty little thing circulating on Pinterest I knew I had to make one. The roses give a unique look to the cover and brings out the beauty of this cushion cover.
The only time consuming process here is making these roses. It isn’t difficult but takes time to carefully design them.

Things required
1 m of base fabric for 2 cushions ( I used a light brown shiny khadi fabric)
1 m of red color cotton fabric ( for the roses)
Cut the red fabric into long strips measuring 3 inches by 38 inches.


Fold it into half and iron over it. Open the fold and fold quarter inch from the edges and iron over it.

Now keep it aside folded in the center.

Make 18 such strips. ( 9 for each cushion)

Now fold in the shape of rose as shown below. Iron over each fold. At the end roll it inwards.

Now start stitching as you fold up. This is how the rose will look. You can hand stitch at the end in the center to keep the roll in place if you find sewing with the machine a bit difficult.

Make all your flowers and keep it ready before you sew onto your main fabric.

Cut the main cushion fabric 35″ x 16″. Place it over the cushion to cover. I will sew the cover with overlaps so it is easy to slide cushion into the cover. You can also sew with zips. So make your cuttings accordingly. Now place the roses on the cover to mark the placements. I marked the center with a tiny dot so it will be easy for me while sewing the roses.

Now take each rose and sew it on the main cloth.

Once the roses are sewn, fold the edges of the main fabric and sew. Now sew the sides. Make an overlap at the back and sew the sides.

And there! Your cushion cover with roses is ready! Isn’t it lovely! 😀

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