DIY : Jeans wallet tutorial

I am a big fan of the jeans material. Seriously, anything you make from it looks stylish and trendy. And it makes perfect gifts as well. And when it comes to men, what better gift than a jeans wallet. This is the third time I made this wallet. The first time I made it for my husband and he was in love with it. He used it for nearly two years. And then I made another one for him with a slightly different design and embellishment. He loved that one too and has been using that ever since.

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This tutorial will guide you to making your own jeans wallet. You can even use an old pair of jeans if you have one lying around. I made this wallet using a piece of jeans material which I bought from the market. A one meter fabric can be used to make around 5 – 6 wallets. All you need is some jeans fabric and your sewing machine. I use a Janome Green 12 sewing machine. Janome machines are easy to use and very durable. Use a needle meant for sewing on jeans fabric while sewing this material. It helps you get a better finishing and the material won’t thread out.

I have sewn this wallet completely with the jeans fabric. You can either sew it this way or replace the lining and the pockets with a lighter fabric. Either way it looks good. The choice is all yours. You can use colored fabrics or plain ones. I have tried it both the ways and let me tell you, both came out great.

First, cut out the following:
2 pieces of fabric for the main outer and inner pieces measuring 9″ x 5″
2 pieces of inside lining measuring 9″ x 4″
2 pieces for the pockets measuring 20″ x 4″

Now sew the lining at the sides and the bottom leaving a 1 inch opening at the center (Sew along the red line ). DO NOT sew the top part.

Next, take the piece meant for the pockets. Measure a 4 inch along the length and fold it. Iron over it.

Now take a measure of your credit card on a piece of paper or cardboard and cut it. Use this as a reference for measuring the size of the pockets. I have cut this piece from an old notepad. Keep it over the folded fabric.

Now fold the long end up so that ur card is below. Iron.

Now unfold the long end so the only a half inch of the card is visible. Again iron.

Continue these steps till you have 4 pockets.

Cut out the excess fabric.

Make two such pockets.

Sew this to the inside of the main fabric on the right side.

Now sew this to the outside main fabric on the sides and the bottom.

Now comes the trickier part. Slide the main piece into the lining as shown in the picture. Sew along the top joining the main and the lining fabric.

Remember the 1 inch space we left in the bottom part of the lining. Now it’s time to use that. Get your main piece out from that opening.

Now top stitch at the opening.

Put the lining inside the wallet and top stitch along the entire wallet.

There you go. Isn’t it easy to make? Once you get the hang of it, it will be ready in no time.

You can attach a button or any other embellishments or can even use it plain. In any way, it looks stylish.

Things used in this project:

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