DIY : iPhone case decoration

Last week while browsing through my desk drawer, I found some beautiful shiny rhinestones. These have been lying in my drawer since a loooong time. Yeah, that’s for a really long time. As far as I remember, these belong to a time when there was a craze of these stones being stuck everywhere – on dresses, chudidars, tops, leggings – literally everywhere. Any piece of clothing would have these shiny little stones on them. And if the material didn’t come with the stones, then people would specially spend their times at home to stick them. Some even adorned their house curtains with these shiny gems. (Yeah that’s true, I am not kidding )

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So these stones were bought ages back to decorate an abaya. But fortunately or unfortunately it wasn’t done. So I had loads of them in my drawer. Finally I thought I have to use it some way. I thought of decorating a mobile cover with these. As it is, this trend is still alive. Mobile phone covers are heavily decorated with these rhinestones and they look lovely. I’ve seen a couple of very pretty ones at the malls so I thought why not try my own hand in this art. Yeah , so out came these rhinestones. I bought a plain transparent cover for my iPhone 6 and an other one for my mom’s iPhone 7 and got into decorating them. So here is two of the designs that I made. Of course, the possibilities are endless. You can decorate them any way you like with any color of rhinestone. I had black and white and a little bit of blue. With these and a little bit of UHU all purpose glue, here’s the decor that I did.

If you do not have these stones, you can always get it from amazon.

First I applied the gems to the area around the camera opening. Two layers – first in white then in black.

The I made a small flower on one side with two layers of the gems.

Then another.

And another.

I then stuck tiny white gems all over the empty space to give a filled effect.

And some little gems at the right corner.

Doesn’t it look pretty?

For the next cover, I started at the center. A small flower followed by a line of tiny blue gems.

Then a line of tiny white gems and big white gems.

And then repeating the same layers once again.

And tiny single rhinestones all over.

And that’s how they look on our cell phones.

I love the way it turned out. Simple yet pretty. A satisfactory way of using these long kept gems!

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