DIY : Cupboard cover

I have wanted to sew a cover for a shelf since a long time. I wanted it to look like a cupboard, the ones you see while strolling through the baby sections of a shop. I saw many cupboards that looked fancy and perfect for girls with flowers and stuff. But I wanted one for my little boy. So after many brainstorming sessions in my head and a little help from the web I was able to draft this beautiful pattern. And now, I have a cute little cupboard for my son. Yayy!!

I got this colorful fabric from Al Zubair Plaza. (Anyone staying in Sharjah will know this place. They are famous for their enormous collection of fabrics ). It is in pure cotton. After attaching a cotton lining to it, it stays stiff. This fabric says ” I am a star ” – perfect for the little star in my life. Inspite of many pauses while making this, I am happy to have it completed. 😀😀

If you don’t have a store that sells good fabrics nearby, then you can always buy them online. I recommend

for their awesome collection of beautiful fabrics. You will always find the perfect fabric for any project on earth that you chose to do.

Things required:

Bright and colorful fabric -3 m

A lining fabric

Bias tape

Long zipper

First and foremost, I measured the size of the shelf and cut the following pieces.

2 pieces measuring 34″ x 19″ ( for the front and back)
2 pieces measuring 34″ x 11″ ( for the sides)
1 piece measuring 11″ x 19″ ( for the top)
2 pieces measuring 9″ x 6.5″ ( for the pockets)

And all the same dimensions as above from the lining fabric.

These are the measurements of my shelf. If you have a shelf of different dimension, then cut accordingly.

Once you cut pieces from the main fabric, measure and cut same pieces from the lining fabric. You have to attach main fabric and lining so that the cupboard cover will be stiff and will not bend. I do not have pictures after cutting the lining. Now for joining the fabric I chose a pattern like this, straight lines intersecting to form boxes ( criss cross) . You can be creative and do some other beautiful patterns.

This is what the pieces will look like now.

This is the sides, top and the pockets.

This is the front and back.

In the front piece, I have made a cutting to add a zipper for opening and closing of the cupboard.

The next step is to join the pieces using a bias tape. It gives a beautiful look to the cupboard.

Attach the bias tape along the edges of the two pockets.

Now sew these pockets on one side fabric. Join the side fabrics with the back fabric. At this point, your project should look like this.

Sew bias tape at the open edges of the front piece ( where you have to attach the zip) and then attach the zip.

Now all your pieces are ready. First attach the top on three sides ( left, back and right) , then attach the front fabric.

And it’s ready!!

This is the look from the sides. The pockets look nice (Good to stuff cute little socks)


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